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5 Dangerous Places In Norway

Don't go to Norway without knowing about these 5 dangerous places in there. These places are very risky. So avoid going these 5 places in Norway.

Pulpit Rock

pulpit rock in norway
©Po S / shutterstock.com

Pulpit Rock, a cliff and located at the top of the Preikestolen trail, can be known as a dangerous place in Norway. The cliff is located at more than 600m height from the Lysefjorden, a fjord in Norway. The magnificent view can be seen on there belie the visitors, so the lunatic visitors go to the edge of the cliff, which makes risky.

Kjeragbolten Bridge

kjeragbolten bridge in norway
©Olga Gavrilova / shutterstock.com

Kjeragbolten Bridge is a stone bridge that locates in Kjerag mountain in Rogaland county. A stone that is nearly 5-cubic-meter in size trapped in a free space of the two rocks, which is almost at the top of 1,000 meters. The area underneath the stone has some danger, but the state of the stone is made more dangerous than that. Due to the beautiful location of the rock, many people who climb this mountain not forget to visit this place. A few of the attendees get on it and pose for photos, which is very risky. If the stone slips, the person who on it will fall into nearly 1000 meters. This can be known as one of the dangerous places in Norway.

Atlantic Ocean Road

atlantic ocean road in norway
©Michael Zech Fotografie / shutterstock.com

Atlantic Ocean Road can be known as not only one of the dangerous places in Norway but also one of the world's hazardous roads, which is nearly 8.3km long. The way made in a weird shape because the wave underneath that location is cumbersome. It is like rotating the car while going up then going down.

Trollstigen Road

trollstigen road in norway
©terekhov igor / shutterstock.com

Running more than 50 kilometers, Trollstigen Road is one of the popular but dangerous places for biking because it is very steep. If anyone isn't able to manage the speed while cycling this road, he will fall into the valley, which is more than thousands of meters. Another thing is some fascinating waterfalls can be seen on this road, which can be threats to you. Some are wide, and some aren't. The route runs several times in front of the same waterfall in sometimes. However, these things on rainy days can be a threat to even for an experienced cyclist.

Utaklieve Beach

utaklieve beach in norway
©Dmitry Rukhlenko / shutterstock.com

Located in Lofoten, Utaklieve beach is one of the dangerous places in Norway. According to the National Center for coldwater safety, it is not good to get in the water below 60 Fahrenheit. The water on this beach is 51 Fahrenheit, which is below the limit. Get into the water on this beach can cause some disease like Hypothermia shivering which reduce the body temperature faster than it is produced.

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