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5 Most Deadly Roads In The World Right Now

These 5 dangerous roads in the world are not recommended for anyone to travel. Everyone going on the ways are going with the risk.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

©WeHaveEverything / shutterstock.com

Built on topography, the Tiananmen Mountain Road requires a long way to ride a short displacement. This is a hazardous road with lots of viewports. If anyone drives by looking at the fascinating views those, will fell into the very insane hill. With nearly 100 hairpins, Tianmen Road, which runs through more than 10km is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

©Andrew Clifforth / shutterstock.com

Yungas Road connects La Paz and the Yungas. It is a popular route for cyclists, so it is not easy for the general public to go on a windy day. The trail, which spans more than 60 km, destroys about 150 lives a year, and there can see some crosses installed on the places where people fell off the road to commemorate them. It advises drivers to be careful and alert them about dangerous places.

Passage du Gois, France

©RobArt Photo / shutterstock.com

Probably the most dangerous road in the world if the driver isn't lucky. However, the picture shows not a bad time. Twice a day, the road get vanished from the water. So it takes anything on the road to the ocean. It is difficult to figure what time the road gets vanished. So anyone going on the road is going with the fear because water can pull them anytime. The one who goes on the road has to drive more than 4 km to go to the destination. So it is also not a little time while the road is thin and the wind is hard. And also it is hard to drive on the road when waves going on the road because it makes the road slippery. It connects Beauvoir Sur Mer with Noirmoutier island. 

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

©Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock.com

The road connecting Vevang and Karvag runs about 8 kilometres and some portions of the road run on a big wave area of the Atlantic ocean. However, the part depicts in the above picture is a hazardous part of this road. Many people wonder why this part is set up in weird shape. The wave rises several feet so it can hit vehicles on the road. So that might be the reason why it has a bizarre shape. If a heavy vehicle like a truck crashed when riding on this part, it would throw into the ocean. Fast motorcycles need to maintain their speed if they don't like to fall into the ocean. 

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zeland

©ChameleonsEye / shutterstock.com

Spanning more than 20 km Skippers Canyon Road connects Queenstown and Coronet Peak. Vehicles travelling on this route will not receive rental car insurance. It is a one-way road, so it risky and people driving on it need to have discipline if they want to travel to the destination. Unless you drive without care, it is one of the beautiful roads in the world while there are fantastic views of the river which flow below the road.

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