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Hampshire Facts

When it comes to the history and formation of the United States, New Hampshire is one of the most important states that made all of this happen. It was the first of the original thirteen colonies that declared its Independence from Great Britain and adopted its constitution. And they did six months before the declaration of Independence was signed. In 1788 New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify the United States Constitution, which meant that their votes secured the necessary two thirds that made the document the law of the land. We all know or should know that the first man to ever go into outer space was the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin but what about the first American to do so. It was Alan Shepard from Easter in New Hampshire. He made his journey on May the 5th 1961. Just 23 days after Gagarin his spacecraft the freedom seven reached an altitude of 187 kilometers, and Shepard's entire journey lasted a mere 15 minutes. Ten years later, he returned to space to become the fifth man out of a total of 12 to set foot on the moon. Things to do in Amherst MA

New Hampshire has a very popular motto. The free or die. It's originated with lifelong New Hampshire resident General John Stark. He was famous for fighting in both. The French Indian War and the Revolutionary War, and in 1777 he let his men to victory in the Battle of Bennington. He wrote a letter to his fellow battle veterans in 1809 that ended with the announcement live free or die. Death is not the most serious of Evils. Today this is considered to be the most memorable motto of the 50 states.

The town of Laconia is a dream come true for any real gamer. It is home to the Funspot Family Entertainment Center. The largest video arcade in the world according to the Guinness World Records. Funspot includes a collection of over 500 games pinball machines and ticket redemption machines originating from the 1970s. It has been called and for a good reason the Lourve of the 8-bit world. In 1934, gusts of wind reaching 372 km/h were recorded at the top of New Hampshire's Mount Washington. Keep in mind that for a hurricane to be category five. It must have wind speeds of at least 250 km/h. The wind speed recorded on that day held. Special thank goes to Sebastian Ioan

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