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Borobodur Temple Facts

Borobudur is an essential place of worship for Buddhists that considered one of the most beautiful temples in Indonesia. It is one of the most famous artistic heritage sites. As the sort of sympathy in achieving the aesthetics of Buddhist structure on the land of Java. Borobudur temple is more widespread today throughout the globe. With all these privileges, this site is always becoming a necessary list for any immigrants that visit. This content belongs to Lisa.

Indonesia. And for Indonesians, you must be more frequent with this temple. Borobudur is a magnificent Buddhist temple located near Magelang in Java, Indonesia, which is a Buddhist stupa in the Mahayana tradition, and it is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. It is one of the world's most complicated structures. The building has been estimated to have taken 75 years and been completed during the reign of Samaratungga in 825 AD. The monument consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circulars topped by a central dome. The walls and balustrades are decorated with fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2520 squared meters. The temple is decorated with more than 2600 relief panels and 500 Buddha statues. The largest renovation project was undertaken between 1975 and 1982 by the Indonesian government and UNESCO. The vertical division of Borobudur Temple into base, body, and superstructure absolutely accords with the conception of the University in Buddhist cosmology. 

Temple was used as an accurate direction. Some of you would say it just needs to see the direction of the rising sun to learn where the eastward. However, it is not so accurate. One thing you need to get when the earth rotates in a state of tilts that is about 22 degrees to 25 degrees. That is why the sun does not evermore exactly rises in the east. The sun only really rises at eastward point two times a year. It is from about 20 to 21 March and 22 to 23 September. Surprisingly, the architect of the Borobudur temple realized this, and he already knew the exact eastern point. Therefore, Borobudur is made by facing south and north with accurate and very precise. The stupa is used as the sundial. If you have come to this temple, you would know that in this one temple, there are many stupas-shaped like a bell upside down. In Borobudur temple, there are 72 stupas, and the biggest stupa is on the top story of Borobudur Temple. According to the investigators, the stupa at Borobudur Temple also serves as a sundial. The clock is used as a timepiece of the time. It is built for 23 years without any sophisticated tools. Currently, a 25-floor building can be made for a year with modern equipment. The size of the Borobudur Temple is the same as a 10-floor building. You can travel and see those. 

When making Borobudur, there is no bulldozer to level the ground. Not trucks to carry rocks. Also, there is no elevator to lift the stone up. All work is done with easy tools such as hammers and levers. The only vehicle there is a "Pedati." "Pedati" is a vehicle pulled by a cow. You could think about how big and massive rocks should be pulled gradually. It is prepared one by one until it forms a Borobudur temple. That is why it wanted 23 years to build the Borobudur Temple. Build with a volcanic stack outwardly using any gummy. For those who have been visited Borobudur, you must know very well that the Borobudur Temple was built without the use of any gummy. Borobudur temple is made of stone blocks. Each section of the stone is arranged without the use of cement or adhesive. These stones are only stacked and spliced with particular models to bind each other. Remarkably, it is long-lasting! Read More Places to visit in Indonesia

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